As with everything at Sablier we started with the question, “how do we make the perfect cuff link for ourselves that provides the greatest quality, ergonomics, function and elegance?”. We studied our Sablier Grand Cru watch and discovered that the crown of our watch would be the perfect starting point for our new cuff link design. As with the crown, the concave design of the cuff link allows the user to center their thumb and then use the middle and index finger to guide the cuff link into the French cuff shirt. This can all be done with one hand because of the cone-shaped design at the bottom allows the cuff link to easily go through the French cuffs, but not unintentionally slip out. Unlike other cuff links that are welded or buckled together, the Sablier Grand Cru cufflinks are milled down from a single piece of solid steel (316L) and finished with a high polish. We are proud to present the culmination of our passionate pursuit of perfection.